ICFO Internet Resources [Video]


Selected ICFO Internet Resources The broad range and depth of resources include, but are not limited to Addiction, Aging, Children’s Safety, Complaint, Identity Theft, Privacy, Scams. Spam These may include articles, blogs, how to, filing forms, tips and such Resources for your personal research, papers, and library Excellent start for your Due Diligence and further investigation Resources Warning and Recommendations Most of us know that value of a recommendation when you need something; be it a plumber, repair or the type of help resources herein Making a recommendation put your…

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Facebook Post and Blogs Blocks [Video]


Rebuttal to Today’s Facebook Block of our ICFO Blog 071019 While Facebook is laughing all the way to the bank, their blocking actions have put my FB business post and site out of business. Why because you not only blocked a specific post, BUT YOU ARE BLOCKING the entire monetized BLOG URL which means all previously posted links on FB are also blocked and any Boosting or FB ads funds have been lost. Further, some of my blocks have been under review for over 10 days. Tell me how can…

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