Critical Risk: Extortion Blackmail Kidnap

Market Insight—Critical risk: Extortion, blackmail and kidnap for ransom John Chase and Brittany Damora, Schillings’ extortion, blackmail and kidnap for ransom specialists, set out the scope of the threat and what steps family offices and family businesses need to take when faced with this type of critical risk scenario Risk – It’s all about the […]

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Beware: Android Emulator Cryptomining Malware

Beware this Android emulator, it’s hijacking your GPU to mine cryptocurrency Patrons of popular Android emulator Andy are up in arms after Reddit user TopWire wrote a detailed post about a GPU miner trojan that came attached to the program and used his computer to mine cryptocurrency endlessly. More about cybersecurity Android emulators allow users […]

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Risk of Wearables to Children

Wearables Could Make Children Vulnerable To Cyber Crime Wearables could make children an easy target for cybercriminals says Allen Scott, consumer EMEA director at cyber security solutions firm McAfee. Scott warns: ‘Families are currently facing one of the most critical issues at the moment, protecting personal information in a hyper-connected world. Every day we connect […]

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Avoiding online fraud

Steps for avoiding online fraud By Elliott Greenblott It’s time to return to the topic of fraud and computer. We reviewed the ‘thou shalt not” commandments of computer use to avoid becoming a victim of internet fraud. It’s time to be positive — what should be done to ensure safe use. The first rule of […]

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Hackers Scam WhatsApp customers targeted by hackers in WhatsApp and text scam Test Scams Numerous hotels and guesthouses on holiday accommodation site were targeted by bogus texts alerting victims to a security breach in an attempt to steal hundreds of pounds from customers. Users were contacted via text and WhatsApp messages claiming payment was needed. They […]

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Money Laundering Goes Electronic

Transaction Laundering – Money Laundering Goes Electronic in the 21st Century Transaction Laundering – Money Laundering. The age-old art of hiding money from governments truly took flight in the online era. The good news for us (and bad news for cyber criminals) is that regulators are starting to use technology to catch up. In October […]

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Cybercrime law protects children online

Following the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act 2018, the safety of children and youth online will be more assured with proper processes and infrastructure to address cybersecurity issues. The law, which received presidential assent on May 15, deals with offences ranging from publication of fake news, pornography, cyberterrorism, cybersquatting and child pornography. It comes at […]

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Reboot your router

FBI says reboot your route The FBI has issued a threat alert regarding over 500,000 infected home and small business routers, and offers a simple way to begin fixing the problem: reboot your network router. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, on May 25, 2018, by way of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (, issued […]

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Dating App Fraud

Scammers break hearts & bank accounts of men Pune: Online scammers from Bengal are literally breaking the internet, the hearts and the bank accounts of Pune men, both young and old via various dating websites. Posing as women, they have defrauded several men of lakhs of rupees. So far, no woman from the city has […]

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Financial Crime Cost

Cost of Financial Crime 2017 Shocking! Here’s how much the world lost to financial crime in the last one year The study revealed that the world loses unimaginable amounts to financial crimes–money that could have otherwise been used for more gainful purposes such as health and education. (Reuters) Financial crimes cost: Despite high spends on compliance, […]

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