More reasons to get outside with your kids

A study released last week from the Barcelona Institute for Global Health surveyed 3600 adults and shared some interesting correlations between time spent in Natural Outdoor Environments (NOE) as children and mental health in adulthood.

“The main takeaway of this study (Preuss et al., 2019) is that people who spent more time in natural environments as children appeared to have better mental health outcomes in adulthood.”

As the weather gets nicer, this is motivation to work together as a family to create a plan for how your kids will incorporate outdoor time into their daily lives.

Christopher Bergland shares further support for this idea,

“Another study on the effects of natural environment on family cohesion (Izenstark & Ebata, 2017) found that spending time in nature with a child—even if it was just a 20-minute walk in a nearby park or arboretum—had the power to strengthen parent-child bonds and family cohesion.”

We’ve been hearing from many parents about their family plans to get outside this summer. For some, it is the daily walk around the block as a family; kids on bikes, parents on feet. For others it is an early morning summer outing before the weather gets too hot. Soccer, backyard-badminton, frisbee, baseball, golf, tennis; you name it, there are ways to get our families connecting outside on a daily basis when we make a commitment to it.

Planning it is what will make it happen.

This week, ask yourself these questions:

Do we have a plan to be outside on a daily basis?

What could be getting in the way of outside time?

How can we get past our built in excuses to stay indoors?


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