Summer Screens

Summer Screens

Summer Screens

With summer around the corner, more and more parents have been asking us for tips to stop the daily hassles about screens in the summer. Of course, it is all about planning. If you don’t plan an alternative, you likely will have the daily nagging and arguments that stem from worrying about our kids’ development, exercise, creativity. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Caroline Knorr from Common Sense Media has so great tips to share to set your family up for success.

“Create a Family Media Plan

Sit down with your kids and work out a weekly plan that includes activities such as camps, trips, and events as well as media and tech time. If you’re traveling, talk about whether to bring devices and when and how much they can be used. Use the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Family Media Plan Tool and Media Time Calculator to create a customized schedule”

We’ve heard that many parents use Caroline’s next tip in their homes. Many Wi-Fi providers have made it quite simple to modify when it is available for particular devices in your home.

“Want Wi-Fi?

This requires a little effort but it’s worth it. Every night before bed, change your home Wi-Fi password. In the morning, leave a note for your kids that lists their chores and responsibilities for the day. When they’re finished with the stuff they need to do, they can have the day’s password.”

The third tip from Caroline is one that you’ve heard us mention before:

“Nix devices at meals.

Use device-free-dinners to bond in a way that you don’t always have time for when you’re rushing to get schoolwork done.”

This week, ask yourself these questions:

What time will I set aside for our media planning time?

What elements other than screen time do we want to work into our child’s daily schedule: Reading, Outside-time, Family time?

Does our internet provider allow us to be selective with Wi-Fi timing and devices?



We spoke with James Sudakow who shared key tips for dad’s and all of us to use. He’s making it work for his family and business. Learn more about “Ruthless Prioritization” and “Buffer Time!”

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