Cryptocurrency News Cyberattacks Scams 2018

Cryptocurrency Cyberattacks Cryptocurrency-related attacks will surpass all other types of cyberattacks in 2018, a leading expert warned. Issuing the bleak prediction, Lotem Finkelsteen, a threat intelligence analyst with the Israeli cybersecurity company Check Point Software Technologies, said “not a day goes by without our hearing about a new ICO [initial coin offering] scam or mining attack.” […]

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Onecoin Review

Cocaine, Women and Crime Bosses: How Onecoin Became One of the Biggest Scams in Crypto History by Todd Byrne Multiple arrests, criminal investigations, community revolt and the closure of their last remaining bank accounts — the Onecoin saga continues down a well worn path as further details emerge on their attempt to implement an actual […]

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Enjoy Your Cyber Summer!

How to Have a Safe Cyber Summer Summer means vacations and downtime. People are booking hotels, arranging travel, or settling in at the beach with the digital version of a summer novel. For many families, the kids are home from school and permanently wired into an array of connected devices. So, along with the sunscreen […]

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Your A–Z guide to cyberthreats

Your guide to cybersecurity cyberthreats and how to deal with them Your A–Z guide to cybersecurity threats and how to deal with them. Cyber attacks have come a long way since your Hotmail account received a random message from a Nigerian prince looking to loan you a million dollars. In the wake of incidents like […]

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Biggest Digital Heist in History

Carbanak The Biggest Digital Heist in History Isn’t Over Yet As night fell in Taipei on July 10, 2016, most people in the city were hunkered down to ride out the end of a typhoon. Not Sergey Berezovsky and Vladimir Berkman. The two Russians made their way through the rain to an ATM at First […]

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Kaspersky Software Ban

Kaspersky ends all EU work following ban Following an EU statement that referred to its security software as malicious, Kaspersky has frozen all cyber security collaborations with European agencies and organizations. A recently released EU cyber security report called for a comprehensive review of all IT software, infrastructure, and equipment used by member states in […]

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Beware: Android Emulator Cryptomining Malware

Beware this Android emulator, it’s hijacking your GPU to mine cryptocurrency Patrons of popular Android emulator Andy are up in arms after Reddit user TopWire wrote a detailed post about a GPU miner trojan that came attached to the program and used his computer to mine cryptocurrency endlessly. More about cybersecurity Android emulators allow users […]

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BitCoin Currency Scams

Todays’ Bitcoin Price Live Bitcoin Scams On Social Media  The Dark Side Of Digital Currency  ZeroFOX Research   Earlier this month (Mar 2017), the price of a single Bitcoin eclipsed the price of an ounce of gold for the first time ever. This news, coupled with the exploding adoption of its underlying technology – blockchain […]

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