Tricks for Boredom

Tricks for Boredom

Tricks for Boredom

Have you heard it from your kids yet?

In the excerpt below, Chris Kresser shares some thoughts about why it is important for all of us to be bored from time to time.

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We should get bored more often

By Chris Kresser

Most of us don’t like being bored. That’s why we go out of our way to avoid it!

But as author Manoush Zomorodi argues in her book, Bored and Brilliant, research has shown that boredom serves an important purpose:

“When our minds wander, we activate something called the “default mode,” the mental place where we solve problems and generate our best ideas, and engage in what’s known as “autobiographical planning,” which is how we make sense of our world and our lives and set future goals. The default mode is also involved in how we try to understand and empathize with other people, and make moral judgments. …

… When we let ourselves space out and our minds wander, we do our most original thinking and problem solving; without distraction, your mind can go to some interesting and unexpected places. Creativity—no matter how you define or apply it—needs a push, and boredom, which allows new and different connections to form in our brain, is a most effective muse. It’s what the futurist Rita King calls “the tedium of creativity.”

Unfortunately, in the age of smartphones, social media, the internet, video games, wearables, and other technologies, we are spending less and less time in the “default mode.”

This is especially true for children and teens, who now spend an average of 5.5 and eight hours a day, respectively, playing with screens, phones, and games.

What will the effects of this be?

We don’t know for certain yet, but early indications are not encouraging. One recent study found a significant decline in creativity among children—especially young children from kindergarten through sixth grade.

So, the next time you are feeling “bored” and find yourself reaching for your phone, see what happens if you don’t.

We could all use a little more boredom in our lives!


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